Cort Group Values


Carla Ashton's inspiration and motivation came from her Grandpa, Abe Cort. Hence the company name! His legacy, however, left more than a name. Grandpa Abe's core values and lessons inspired Carla's career and the principles that she implores each day in her work. To see what drives the Cort Group each day, scroll below.



Grandpa Abe Cort's Rules to Live and Work By:

1.  You must be able to “twist and turn.” When change comes, be nimble and ready to pivot.

2.  Know the health of your business. Look for where it’s working and where it’s not.

3.  Face the truth. Turning your head away from problems only makes them worse.

4.  Know yourself, be yourself. You don’t have to copy others; tap into your smarts and strengths and trust that you can succeed and win.

5.  Be a good and trustworthy person to your employees, your customers and yourself. Make your judgments from that place and everyone will benefit.