About Cort Group

We are a company with sleeves rolled up, having tackled growth issues in various roles, with insight that comes with over sixty years of success – and failure. We’ve tripped a few times along the way. Our tribal knowledge is invaluable for small and mid-market companies that want smart ideas to drive top line with purpose and speed.

In today's competitive market for GREAT sales professionals, a primary area of expertise at the Cort Group is successful employee hiring and team development for the organizational growth of your business. Different from a temp service, staffing agency, or head hunter, we focus on matching the right candidate for the business development job you are filling by using behavioral science and predictive data. Once you have all of the right employees in place, we work with your existing team to improve performance and bolster the growth of your organization. We know what layers to peel back, where to look, and what questions to ask to uncover growth obstacles. The results from our discovery process provide insight to build and implement initiatives to drive growth.

Carla Ashton founded Cort Group in 2016 and recruited Tim Steele to join the company in 2017.



Carla Ashton, Principal

Throughout her career in the private, non-profit, and public sectors, Carla has delivered strong performance, produced record-setting sales gains, positioned products in new spaces, and outperformed competitors through strategic go-to-market and account planning enmeshed with specific and accountable sales staff organization, training, and coaching.


Timothy Steele, Chief Strategy Officer

Tim has held such positions as Vice President of Business Development, Managing Partner and Chief Growth Officer at his firm, Caxton Growth Partners, and Director of North American Sales & Marketing. Tim has a rare blend of deep experience in both sales management and marketing strategy.