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With over sixty years of cumulative experience, the Cort Group is uniquely adept to help small and mid-market clients drive top line revenue. We are sales and marketing veterans with insight and experience to help your company become agile, align sales and marketing, and drive top line.


Our Key Service Areas:

Sales Performance Management

Sales resources are key to your organization's success and a sizable investment. We help you make the right investment for sustainable sales performance and sales management improvement.

Voice of the CustomeR

Voice of the Customer insight is critical to maintain competitive advantage and spark innovation. Cort's process for capturing and assimilating VoC is a tried-and-tested process for over 20 years.

Lead GeneRAtion

Lead Generation is increasingly challenging as prospects and customers are more insulated from our influence. Cort's process results in design and strategy that deliver with purpose and predictability.

Growth Strategy

Driving and sustaining top line depends on building your Go to Market Strategy (G2M) around the markets you serve best. Our process yields an integrated and mature G2M Model for optimal growth.


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